Appointment Preparation

We invite you to review our policies prior to booking a reservation with any of our artists.

All artists have different operating hours, please allow 48 hours for responses to all communications.

- Please arrive with squeaky clean lashes. Mascara and makeup residue prevent all treatments from providing guaranteed results. Unclean lashes may result in a shampoo fee or possible rescheduling; additional time for lash cleaning is not allotted.

- Skip coffee the morning of - caffeine stimulates micro-movements in the eyes and can disrupt the treatment process.

- Avoid wearing SPF (including makeup with SPF) near the eyes - this causes watery tear ducts and can disrupt the treatment process.

- Please consider using the restroom upon arrival for lash lifting. Once the process has begun, it cannot be halted until the service is completed.

- Please silence your cellphone upon arrival. Once treatment has begun, you will not be able to open your eyes for the duration of the service.

- Removal of contact lenses prior to the appointment is encouraged, but not required.

- SCHEDULE ACCORDINGLY - Avoid wearing makeup, swimming, and heavy sweating immediately after treatment to guarantee best results.

- Aftercare will be discussed in closing the appointment service.