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Appointment Preparation

We invite you to review our policies prior to booking a reservation with any of our artists.


Copper Willow is a collective of independent artists.

(currently our Aestheticians are Taylor, Krista, and Ali)

Before inquiring about an appointment, please select the artist you would like to see.

If you are unsure, you can view each artists work under the "Artistry" highlight of our Instagram page.

You can view what each artist specializes in on our Crew page.

We do not give out availability/pricing info over text.

All pricing is specific to the artist, and can be found along with their services under their name 

by clicking the "Make a Reservation" button on our Reservations page.

Once you have selected your artist, if you are unsure of which service to book, please text the following info to the salon:

-Your name

-Your preferred artist

-brief description of the service you're inquiring about

-A two year hair color history



*please allow up to 72 hours for a response*

- Please arrive with squeaky clean lashes. Mascara and makeup residue prevent all treatments from providing guaranteed results. Unclean lashes may result in a shampoo fee or possible rescheduling; additional time for lash cleaning is not allotted.

- Skip coffee the morning of - caffeine stimulates micro-movements in the eyes and can disrupt the treatment process.

- Avoid wearing SPF (including makeup with SPF) near the eyes - this causes watery tear ducts and can disrupt the treatment process.

- Please consider using the restroom upon arrival for lash lifting. Once the process has begun, it cannot be halted until the service is completed.

- Please silence your cellphone upon arrival. Once treatment has begun, you will not be able to open your eyes for the duration of the service.

- Removal of contact lenses prior to the appointment is encouraged, but not required.

- SCHEDULE ACCORDINGLY - Avoid wearing makeup, swimming, and heavy sweating immediately after treatment to guarantee best results.

- Aftercare will be discussed in closing the appointment service.

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