SKin Care

(Please review our salon and spa policies before booking an appointment.)

*Please allow 48 hours for your service provider to respond to communications*



A detailed, 20 minute one-on-one discussion regarding your skin's condition, history, and goals.

All facial treatments include a consultation.




A 30 minute refreshing treatment, custom designed to professionally support or inspire your home care regimen.

Advised monthly



A 60 minute deep treatment, custom designed to achieve skin goals which may be unattainable outside of your home care.

Encouraged monthly; Advised quarterly



*cannot receive treatment while pregnant*

A fantastic resurfacing alternative to laser and peels by using a diamond-encrusted exfoliation device.

Advised quarterly



*cannot receive treatment while pregnant or breast feeding

A controlled, rapid chemical burn using clinical acids to dissolve away dull cells, revealing a smoother and brighter complexion.

Advised every 5 weeks until desired results are achieved


- Avoid direct sun exposure, waxing, and exfoliation 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

- Skip alcohol the night before and coffee the morning of - these are natural astringents and will dehydrate your cells from receiving maximum treatment.

- Please use the restroom upon arrival to prevent disruption and ensure comfort for the duration of your service.

- Promise yourself a time of dedicated relaxation by silencing your cellphone.

- SCHEDULE ACCORDINGLY - Avoid wearing makeup, heavy activity, and alcohol consumption immediately after treatment to guarantee best results. For event planning (weddings, photos, etc.,) it is best to schedule treatment 3-5 days in advance.

- Arrive early to ensure a proper and thorough consultation for your treatment. Aftercare will be discussed in closing the appointment service.

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