SKin Care

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  • Microdermabrasion                         $135+

    • Resurface the texture of your skin with this deep exfoliation treatment! Designed to improve and smooth the overall complexion, texture, and brightness of the skin. A great alternative to acid peels and lasers for more sensitive skin clients. No down time required!  80 min

  • Chemical Peel                                   $155+

    • Dissolve dry, dead skin in order to reveal a more youthful complexion! Skin peeling can range anywhere from 1-2 weeks. The acid chosen for your peel will be selected by the service provider based on a thorough consultation. This service is not recommended for clients who have chronic acne, sensitive skin, or teens. Cannot be used on clients currently using Retinol/Retinoid products. Results vary.  45 min


  • PROSKIN 30                                      $55+

    • A custom, half-hour treatment to cleanse, resurface, treat, and relax your skin. This facial is best for clients looking for gentle maintenance in the treatment room while maintaining quarterly PROSKIN 60 facials OR clients who are new to facial treatments altogether. This service will give your skin the refreshing start it you're missing.  30 min

  • PROSKIN 60                                     $120+

    • A custom hour long treatment to target any skin condition, concern, or challenge. Maintain your skin health monthly or quarterly to support your home regimen. This facial is best for clients looking to improve challenging conditions through deeper treatment. From the most sensitive of skin types to the most resilient, this service is here to help you achieve your skin goals.  60 min

  • Skin Care Consultation                      $25+

    • A thorough one-on-one consultation to discuss and document your skin conditions, goals, and challenges while structuring a suggested home care regimen, advising the most beneficial treatments, and the option to schedule services to fast track improvement. Not necessary to book prior to treatment day but is encouraged; Can be booked on the same day of treatment for a more thorough consultation.  20 min 

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