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  • I am a new client, how do I make an appointment?"
    We are so excited to meet you for the first time! If you are a first time salon guest, please view our Crew page to choose an artist if you're unsure who you would like to see. Once you have chosen a stylist, if you know the service you'd like to book for, you can visit our Reservations page! If you are unsure of the service you should book for, you can find the best consultation method for your stylist on their profile on our Crew page. If you are a new spa client, you can visit our Reservations page to book.
  • How soon can I get an appointment? Can you squeeze me in, pretty please?"
    All of our artists set their own hours. Each calendar you see on our booking site acurately reflects the availability of each artist. Please do not ask your stylist to fit you in. Our artists spend time currating their calendars and services in order to give the best experience possible to each client. "Squeezing you in" is just not possible. We promise waiting for an appointment with your favorite stylist is worth it! Most of our stylists are booked 3-4 weeks out, 4-8 weeks for some of our more experienced stylists.
  • Do I need a consultation? How do I make one?
    If you are unsure of what type of service you need/want, or if youre looking for a change but would like some guidance, we recommend consulting with your stylist prior to booking. If you need your hair "fixed" or are having a hair "emergency" please consult with your stylist first. Each artist has a preferred method of contact for consultations, which can be found with their profile on our Crew page.
  • What is your pricing like? Can I get a quote for my service?
    Copper Willow is a collective of artists, which makes us unqiue in that there is a budget area for everyone! Each of our stylists set their own pricing, please visit our online booking site. These days, color services are very detailed and customized, making it difficult at times to give an exact cost for a service. Please note that all prices online are subject to change based upon density of hair, time for the appointment, and amount of product used.
  • Can I talk to someone on the phone? What happens to my card information online?
    We do not have a receptionist at Copper Willow. Our stylists play many roles, business owners, stylist, receptionist, and cleaning crew. Please note that all communications will be done via text or email, if not in person. With busy salon life, please allow up to 72 hours for communications to be answered. Card information input when online booking is not accessible by any stylist. This information is secure, and is only required to protect the time of our artists. Please review our policies prior to booking an appointment.
  • I need to cancel/reschedule my appointment.
    If you should ever need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, we ask for at least 48 hours notice. Confirmed appointments receive email and text reminders in plenty of time to remind you, in case you should ever need to cancel or reschedule. Please note that all canceled appointments within 48 ours are subject to a fee at the discretion of the artist. Please review our policies prior to booking an appointment.
  • Can I bring my kids or a friend to my appointment?
    As much as we love everyones children, our salon is not the place for them. We aim to provide a relaxing environment for each client during their entire visit. We ask that you do not bring children or extra guests with you to the salon, as we do not have the extra seating, and do not want to disturb other clients.
  • What is sugaring?
    Sugaring is a more natural form of removing hair that originated in Greece and Egypt ages ago. It is made up of Honey, lemon and sugar.
  • How long do I need to wait before getting waxed after my first time?
    Between 3-5 weeks (all depends on the individuals hair growth cycle)
  • How can I help avoid ingrowns?
    Exfoliating multiple times a week! (Atleast 3-4)
  • How much do you charge for extensions?
    We have several artists that offer hair extensions, you can view their pricing individually on our booking site.
  • Do I really need to buy product?
    At Copper Willow, we really care about your hair! Thats why we spend so much time talking about keeping it healthy, and part of that is salon quality products! We are proud to carry Loma and Amika. These natural, plant based products come at price points that you can't beat for these life changing products. Ask your stylist for their favorite recommendations! Purchasing product from your stylist also helps support our small, women owned/operated business, improves the health of your strands, and can prolong the life of your color!
  • Why is my hair brassy?
    Brassiness is what you see once your toner fades out, it is the exposed natural pigment of your hair. This can make strands appear more "yellow" or "orange" Everyone has hair that lifts warmer, and EVERYONE fades warm as well. We recommend booking a gloss/toner follow up appointment with your stylist 6-8 weeks after a lightening service. This will help keep your strands bright, shiny, moisturized, and will keep your lighter pieces toned to perfection!
  • Does it matter if I have color on my hair already?
    YES! It matters ALOT! Please be honest with your stylist about the history of your hair. Previous color on the hair can be challenging to work through, depending on how dark it is and what your overall end goal is. Your stylist may tell you that your goals will require more than one appointment to acheive, or they may tell you that your previous color needs to grow out. Please know that this is to protect the overall health and integrity of your hair.
  • Does it matter if my hair is clean or dirty?
    In short..yes. Color technology has come a long way, and no longer contains the harsh chemicals that they once did. What this means, is that color will not "break through" the dirt/oil on your hair and scalp. Hair that is too dirty can prevent your color from processing properly, meaning that you may not get the grey coverage you'd like, or your hair may not get as bright as you'd like. Please come in with hair that is clean and neat. Please do not come in right after the gym with sweaty hair, would you want to touch someone after they came in all sweaty? Please do not come in with wet hair unless your stylist specifically asks you to. Spending time drying your hair when you come in takes time away from the service you were actually booked for.
  • What is the difference between balayage and foiling?
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