Do I need a consultation?

If you are new to our salon, and the stylist you are booking with offers a consultation time online, we highly recommend adding this to your service. The benefit of a consultation time allows you and your stylists to get aquainted, and discuss your goals before your service starts. 

If you are seeing a stylist that does not offer additional consultation times with their services, feel free to text the salon with some photos of your current hair, and your goals, as well as your name and the stylist you are seeing!

If you are seeing a different/new stylist, but have been to CW before, we still recommend a consultation time if it is available to ensure you have the time to talk through your goals with your stylist.

What is your pricing like? How much will my service be?

This is another way that our stylists set themselves apart, each stylist sets their own pricing. 

Some stylists work by an a la cart system, some have set pricing based upon service type, and some work on an hourly system.

Due to the ever changing nature of our industry, services and color applications are extremely fluid. What this means, is that we cannot give exact pricing quotes, as they are always subject to change depending on your stylist, and the services performed.

However, we do have a base price list on our website, you can also view each stylists pricing on our booking page.

Can I talk to someone on the phone? I have never experienced salon communication through text.

Another way CW is unique, is that we do not have a receptionist.

What we do have, is a salon number that clients can text (during regular business hours) with questions or concerns.

If you want to discuss the type of service to book for, we recommend sending us a text with your name, stylist preference, current hair photos, and photos of your goals. 

This is the best starting point for you and your stylist to discuss what type of service you need to help achieve your goals, and you will then be able to have a thorough consultation once you come in for your service.

Okay this is my hair now, and this is what I want. It's totally different, can we do it all at once?

At CW, the integrity of your hair is of utmost importance to all of our stylists.

Each stylist works differently, but most likely, if you are wanting a large change, it is possible that it will take more than one appointment to get you to your color dreams.

It is important to be upfront with your stylist about the history of your hair, and ask as many questions as you need to be sure that you and your stylist are on the same page.

Our stylists will also do their part in a thorough consultation with clients about their goals.

Please keep in mind that some photos you find on pinterest, and other sites may be edited, and everyone has different starting points with their hair. 

Can I buy a gift card?

You absolutely can! Reach out to your service provider, and they can send you their personal square link for gift cards!

I don't know which stylist to book with, who do you recommend?

Our salon is unique, unlike many traditional salons, we are all independent service providers.

What this means, is that each talented lady creates her own scheduling and pricing.

Since we are not a tiered salon, we all see each other as equal crew members! So, if you would like assistance choosing a stylist, we recommend checking out @copperwillowsalon on Instagram! We regularly post photos of each stylists work, so you can get a good idea of everyones strengths and style. 

If you are looking for a stylist within a certain price range, our pricing can be found on our booking website.

I added myself to the wait list, is that the same thing as having an appointment?

If you have signed up on our wait list, that is not the same thing as securing an appointment.

We still recommend booking an appointment online, and adding yourself to the wait list in case we have a cancellation.

If you have not secured an appointment, but you are on the wait list, we cannot guarantee that we will have cancellations to be able to fit you in, and most of our stylists book out 4-6 weeks in advance. 

We also recommend following the salon, and your stylist on Instagram, as we often post last minute openings on their when we have them. 

Can't you get me in any sooner? I have something important coming up and I really want to have fresh hair for the event!

As much as we would LOVE to be able to get you in sooner, unfortunately our availability is what it is. 

Please do not inquire of your stylist to work outside of their regular hours.

Many of our stylists have been behind the chair for many years, and have a large group of 'regular' clients that they must accommodate before they can take on new clients. 

So you can't squeeze me in?

So sorry, but we simply cannot squeeze anyone in. Our services are custom and require many hours, we cannot compromise the outcome of your hair to fit into a tight timeframe.

I need to cancel/reschedule my appointment, but I couldn't do it online, how do I do that?

If you need to reschedule, or cancel an appointment, please contact the salon/your stylist directly by email, or text.

Please do not text the number that your reminders come from, as it is an automated service and we will not receive it. 

Please be sure to review our policies page for more information on cancelling appointments.

Can I bring anyone with me to my appointment?

We want everyone to feel welcome in our home, however we encourage you to come to your appointments solo.

We want everyone to feel relaxed during their time in the salon, and sometimes having extra people, and kids, in the salon can take away from the experience.