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Love your mother (Earth)!

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Copper Willow is proudly partnered with Green Circle Salons, a program that allows our company to recycle up to 95% of our waste!

What do we recycle?
HAIR: the hair the gets swept at the end of your appointments may be used to create Hair Booms! These handy devices are what helps to clean up oil spills! Hair can hold up to 10 times its weight, and each Boom can be used up to 6 times! Some hair may even be used to create mattresses and pet beds for areas effected by natural disasters!
METALS: The foils that are used in your hair can be put to great use! Metal is infinitely recyclable, how amazing is that!? The foils and aluminum color tubes we recycle are broke back down and can be used for renewable clean energy, bike parts, car parts, and more!
PLASTICS: Any color containers, plastic from balayage, or packaging that is plastic can be recycled as well! These items can be turned into clean energy!
PAPER: kept out of landfills and waterways and put to better use!
COLOR: The color that we collect is no longer going down the drain! This protects the pipe systems, but also keeps our water cleaner!
The color is broken down by a special process that removes the water, which is then cleaned and goes back into the water waste system to be used again! The leftover chemicals/product are sent off to be turned into clean energy!

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