We are very happy to have reopened on May 23, 2020 after the state mandated shutdown due to Covid19. Below you will find some of the guidelines we have put into place to make our salon a safe space for our clients and our team. Please read them very thoroughly PRIOR to your arrival at the salon. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

*Each area, all tools, stations and equipment will be sanitized and/or disinfected between each client.

*Please come prepared with your own mask. Masks are mandatory for staff and clients (behind the ear ONLY) there will also be some  available for purchase (please contact the salon if you need to purchase a mask to ensure there is one available for you) *failure to wear a mask will result in cancelling your appointment with a cancellation fee*


*Follow hand washing and sanitizing procedures

*No sample products or testers will be available

*All staff have been updated certification on Sanitation protocols via Barbicide ™ and OSHA.gov

*Please do not bring any extra people with you to your appointment, NO EXCEPTIONS,  our waiting area will be closed to enforce social distancing where possible.

*As much as we have missed all of you, please refrain from close encounters and hugs at this time. Please remain a safe distance from your service provider and other patrons of the salon.

*Unfortunately we cannot offer any refreshment service at this time, if you bring a beverage, please make sure you have a straw so you don’t have to remove your mask to drink it. Please don’t bring any food with you, and take any drinks/containers with you when you leave.

*Please don’t bring any extra belongings inside the salon other than your form of payment, phone, and a beverage (with a straw) if you have one.

*Please come prepared to pay via Venmo, Zelle, or other electronic avenues. (all stylists' Venmo accounts will be posted at the salon). We cannot accept cash or checks at this time.


*Please do not come more than 10 minutes before your scheduled time, parking as you know, is limited.

*Please hang tight in your car when you arrive, text the salon (980-288-4275) /your stylist to check in, and wait for us to tell you it is safe to come to the door. 

* Your temperature will be taken at the door with a touchless thermometer BEFORE you enter, any reading of 100 or higher will result in the rescheduling of appointment at least 14 days out.

*Please allow us to get the door for you when you enter and when you leave.

*Please sign in when you arrive, this will allow us to have a record of everyone in the salon in the event of needing to contact trace.

*After you sign in, head to the restroom and wash your hands before you settle in at your stylists station.

*Each client can be assured that each tool used during their service has been properly cleaned and disinfected prior to service.

*Please come in with clean, dry hair.

*Please allow your stylist to get the retail from the shelf for you if you are purchasing any.

(980) 288-4275

1222 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203, USA